Ameena Rojee

I’m Ameena; a storm-loving, adventure-addicted, tea-drinking writer.

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I’m a writer working with SMEs in a variety of fields including the arts, environment and nature, health and wellness, and more.
My professional background is rooted in the creative industry: I was the senior campaigns producer at an award-winning visual content agency, marketing manager at a professional fine-art print lab, and social media strategist for a range of small-to-medium brands.
I work with a range of formats including website, newsletter and email, social media, e-courses, articles, and more.

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📷  I’m a published portrait and documentary photographer
📖  My photobook Crocus Valley was recently published and launched as part of This is Croydon, London Borough of Culture 2023-24
✍🏼 I also write a newsletter about women adventuring solo